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<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: large;">PATHOLOGY SKULL CHART - Tote Bag<br />Width 18" Height 15".Item is 100% USA made.For Canvas Totes, our standard is "A" grade 10 ounce cotton canvas, with cotton webbing handles. Other canvas weights are also available.<br />Our totes feature two (2) rows of stitching across the top of the bag. This is for added strength and durability.<br />We utilize an inside roll "French" hem at the top of the bag to conceal the top seam and allows the top of the bag to lie flat.<br />All side seams are concealed, finished and non-protruding on all of our bags.<br />The satchel bottom is constructed from a single, durable piece of canvas.<br />Our handles are tucked and folded under the top hem, then sewn and back-stitched with #40 thread.<br />Measurements are 15"X18"<br />Tote record bags are black and 1 sided and screen printed with professional high quality name brand oil based plastisol inks that wont fade or wash out.</span>

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